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The depth & breadth of Investec enables us to offer a broad range of services.


The mitigation of inheritance tax, retirement & planning, pensions, funding.


Advice to enable us to devise and implement investment portfolios.


We have 15 offices & always quick respond to market changes and challenges.

We deliver exceptional levels of
customer service

Top-Invest is one of the leading investment management companies, with responsibility. We have worked closely with clients and their trusted advisers for many years and gained a unique understanding of the specific needs of our clients.

Our services are the result of that expertise, and allows us to deliver a comprehensive range of investment options to our clients – be they individuals, companies, trusts or pension funds.

Happy Clients
Years of Experience
Professional Agents

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While there are many outstanding investment  insurance companies that provide great products, we now recognize that no one company can be everything to everyone who is interested in working with us.

Freedom to offer truly
unbiased advice

  • A lifetime is spent planning for the future
  • We specialize in assisting clients
  • Personalized plan to maintain your investments
  • We offer truly unbiased advice focused on growing

What we offer


We provide you with customised information and benchmarking services business climate, industry sectors, operating costs.


Based on your sector priorities industry specialists identify and present market industry opportunities worldwide. We identify growth areas.


We act as a link to our companies and introduce you to opportunities of strategic partnerships, R&D collaborations & other types of cooperation.


We provide you with information on how to set up and run a business, including rules & regulations, legal entities, employment matters.


We introduce you to all necessary service providers, authorities organisations, establishment, strategic partnership or capital investment.


To help you find the right location and premises for your facilities, we coordinate site selection processes based on your requirements.

Want to work with us

Co-investment Access – Access, and securing desired investment amount, to a highly successful the co investment deal with a world-class general partner

Broaden Investment Opportunity Set  – The successful partnership demonstrated by the MYOB deal allowed us to secure a sizeable allocation in Archer’s 2011 fund.

Risk Management and Tax Efficiency  – We actively hedged currency risk for its US and Europe investors during the sale process to create certainty of investment returns and its active management.

Here are our financial wizards
from our team

They do magic with no wands. Welcome the team of top professionals that will take care of your finance.

Sandra R. Howard

Managing Partner & Co-Founder

David P. Dickerson

Senior Partner, CIO

Amber J. Comersons

Investment Director

Antionette C. Foster

Managing Partner

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