Net Long-Biased


The Fund invests in diverse kinds of securities including (but not limited to) stocks, bonds, notes, debentures and other obligations, as well as rights and options to purchase and sell securities, convertible bonds, mandatory exhalable notes, rights and intangible properties and real assets. The strategy is net long-biased, with a mid-term investment horizon. Investments are chosen based on a combination of fundamental technical and quantitative analyses.

The Fund may establish subsidiaries in certain jurisdictions to invest in particular locations or particular markets. In such instances, the Fund will provide funding to the subsidiary through equity or debt financing in order to enable the subsidiary to effect the relevant investment.

The Investment Manager seeks to identify assets, which at present are not widely traded, and for which no large or established market exists, or which are priced at a level which, in the opinion of the Investment Manager, undervalues the relevant assets. Such assets may be the subject of future restructuring or renegotiation, which in the opinion of the Investment Manager will result in the upward revaluation of these assets.